mcse: desktop infrastructure

Experts assess the urgency and impact on businesses. They complete relevant ticket documentation by providing documentation in details of all tasks, steps taken to fix them, and their current status.

An MCSE specializes in creating and maintaining IT infrastructure. They help in setting up and operating audio-visual hardware as required by their organization or clients.

Experts decide on the relevant hardware and software based on the policies and requirements of their clients. They will help in administering and maintaining technology infrastructure components.

Experts utilize incident management system of the organization to log and track all support tasks. They maintain precise records of hardware and software of their organization. Experts may be roped in for assisting in obtaining software and hardware.
Experts investigate, analyze, and resolve hardware and software issues. The take responsibility for issues and services of users and ensure that their issues are fixed within service level agreement (SLAs).

They should have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Experts must possess solid analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills. They should be able to work both independently and in a team. 

MCSEs must be prepared to lift 50 pounds, as they would lift equipment and relocate them elsewhere. Their job will require them to travel at the shortest possible notice. Technicians should be able to work flexible hours.

Technicians take up the responsibility of installing, configuring, testing, and maintaining operating systems, system management tools, and applications software for clients. They monitor the security, backup, and sluggish approaches of clients.
mcse: desktop infrastructure

Experts research and document the system design specification and requirements of clients. They will carry out designing, configuring, implementing, testing, and documenting of new computer systems and applications of clients.

MCSEs will partner with third-party service providers to oversee systems and fix issues. They provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 support both on-site and remotely. Experts will manage desktop imaging process, including creating and updating. 

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